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martes, 20 de julio de 2010



:: Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methylene Chloride

Transcript of Kindra Arnesen’s testimony at Gulf Emergency Summit

This is the testimony of Kristen Arnesen’s testimony, the video keeps being taken down. Please share and save. Copied from Project Avalon, thanks to their volunteer transcribers.

(...)And he actually pointed the finger at our New York Firefighters. Yeah, he did! People who are dying a slow death as we sit in this room right now, from chemical poisoning; pointing the finger at them and said that they turned around and gave him the one finger salute, and said: We’re not wearing a respirator, we’re looking for our friends.
Enough is enough!

Now, as far as EPA, OSHA, NOAA, BP and Federal Government, they… Every one of them’s in collaboration with each other. That comes from someone at the top of NOAA. That’s the kind of people I’ve been talking to. That came from someone at the top of NOAA, that they’re all in collaboration with BP.

Are you serious!?

Who do these people work for?

I thought these were our agencies to protect our better interests, our world, our Earth, our lives and what is going on here? Are we that dependent upon these banks, to just roll over and let them poison our world, and our people in it? This is unacceptable!

A week after this started they want to say: Nothing’s going on. Nothing’s dying ? A week after this story, I traveled 70 miles east of the original site. There was these shells floating all over the top of the water. Hundreds of thousands of them. They were empty because they were dead. I’ve never seen a shell float in my life. Dead. A week after.

Four weeks ago when the oil was trajected to hit the west side of our peninsula, I was so mad after I went down to Pascaloocha and seeing what wasn’t being done there, that I got in my boat — my dime, my time — and I took a trip. I was like Fox national news on my boat.

I traveled from Red Pass 10 mile… to Four Bayous, about 10 miles, the east side of Grand Isle.

Now, the oil was trajected to hit that side of the peninsula [unclear]. 30 miles! I did not run into one responder! I did not run into one piece of boom, hard or soft. 150 feet of sandbags on a 30 mile stretch of shoreline. This is unacceptable!

So, I decided on the way back, well let me just go out on the coast a little bit and see what’s going on. I ran into oil 3/4 of a mile off our coast. Not sheen. Crude. As I’m traveling along back towards Red Pass, I looked over the Gulf and I notice that there’s big swarms of birds. That’s not unusual. I figured they was diving on bait. But what where they diving into oil sheen? Because birds don’t know any better.

We traveled out towards the birds. I wanted to see what they were diving into. I was… I want to know. As we get out to the birds… I don’t know if you’ve been on the water much, or even if you’ve seen a big school of fish. They have like a boil in the water. It looks like a pot boiling. The fish boil the water; it moves. As we drift into it, it’s big Bull Reds with their mouths open, on top of the water, laying sideways, swimming upside down in a circle.

Again, hundreds of thousands of them, school after school after school. They were dying. They were so disoriented that they were running into the side of my boat.

[unclear question from the audience]

That’s a real good question. Fox national news swears it’s on their website, but I’ve search it up and down. I’ve even… You know what? I’ve got the camera man’s phone number in my purse right there. We can call him after and find out exactly where it’s at. I’ve called and asked them for it over and over again, and they won’t give it to me. You know what? Everybody is saying a media blackout, a media blackout.

Yes ma’am, there is a media blackout. Sydney, Australia’s 60 Minutes came over and they did a real nice piece. I watched it on their website. The transcript is still there. 24 hours after the video hit the website, it disappeared.

You know, as far as the fisherman can catch shrimp elsewhere comment, I want to make something real clear. We have been fighting imports and regulations for the last 20 years. They have regulated us to the point, as commercial fisherman, that my husband personally has seven different permits. The only thing that my husband does not do is oyster.

So, if there’s shrimp somewhere else, or we can use gill net or whatever we need to do in order to provide a food source for this country, a natural way to feed people, then somebody point me in that direction and let me know where it is, because I’ve looked all over the place.

I came back here four-and-a-half years ago and rebuilt on dirt because this is my home and I love Louisiana. I live right out in the middle of nowhere in the boondocks. The bottom line here is, that if the country does not stand up and say no more…

We must take action. We cannot sit back. And if this stuff does not stop, guys, this is gonna go global. It will destroy one-third of the world’s water. Bank on it! If they do not stop this — every ocean is connected — it will go on and on and on.

As my daughter says: infinity plus two.

Enough’s enough.

BP and the Federal Government gave Kindra Arnesen unlimited insider access to the the BP Gulf Oil Spill cleanup and response operations. Disgusted by what she saw she turned whistle blower at the Gulf Emergency Summit and exposed the shocking truth of what is really going on behind the scenes of the clean up operations.Kindra Arnesen broke her silence at the Gulf Emergency Summit when she turned whistle blower and made a series of of shocking revelations.

Kindra Arnesen on Intel Hub Radio "Stop Poisoning the Gulf"