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domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010


Helping Americans Prepare for Hyperinflation

The Division of individuals into inflation versus deflation camps I would argue, may be harmful to Americans that decide to 

believe wholeheartly in one over the other and act. For Example, purching real estate hoping for inflation to cure an over 

supply is a disaterous strategy. The realtity is, Price Inflation and deflation happen at the same time. We may see prices 

rise in Gold , Silver, Commodities but at the same time see massive declines in Real Estate,Stocks and Wages.

What Do Bank of America, Citibank and SunTrust Have in Common?

They're among the 4,306 financial institutions we ranked that could be at imminent risk of failure. And with 73 bank failures so far this year — DOUBLE last year’s pace — it's CRITICAL to get your money to safety now and protect your nest egg.

What will happen if your bank runs into trouble?
If you're lucky, you might miss out on promised interest income, suffer lengthy delays in getting your money back or lose access to lines of credit.
But if you or your mutual fund own shares in the bank's stocks or bonds — or if you have uninsured deposits not covered by the FDIC — you could lose everything.