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sábado, 12 de junio de 2010


Webster Tarpley an attack on Iran will start Armageddon
Webster Griffin Tarpley is an investigative journalist an activist and a historian best known for his George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has become an underground classic on the Internet He co-authored American Leviathan: Administrative Fascism Under the Bush Regime (1991), which identified many tendencies which have become prominent today.
An expert on international terrorism with decades of experience, he directed the study Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro? (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) which was commissioned by a member of the Italian government and published in Rome in 1978. [Aldo Moro was an ex-prime minister of Italy who was murdered by the "Red Brigades," who were ultimately found out to be a front for a fascistic state terror group.]
Against Oligarchy, a collection of Tarpley's essays and speeches, appeared on the Internet in 1996. He also wrote Surviving the Cataclysm (1999), an analysis of the world financial crisis. Tarpley has appeared on CNN Crossfire, Charlie Rose, talk radio, and cable access television across North America.

The Doomsday Code - waiting for Armageddon The Future Is Now=The Doomsday Code the last war AEMAGEDDON World war 3 The Future Is Now !!!

Tony Robinson travels to America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Africa to gather evidence that might uncover the realities behind the prophecies contained within the Book of Revelation. He interviews people who believe millions will be spirited up to Heaven, Israel will fight a nuclear war, that the Secretary General of the UN will be unmasked as the Anti-Christ and the world will end after the Battle of Armageddon. Doomsday, End of days, World war 3, Iran, Israel, Islam, Jew, Christianity, Muslim, war! Lobby Groups!